• Welcome to MOANA

  • Who is MOANA?

  • A genetic improvement company working with the largest & most diversified specific pathogenic free (SPF) genetic pool for P Monodon, with TRACEABLE Pedigree database.
  • The Beginning

  • Our Core Strength - The Gene pool!

    After 10 years of selection, researching wild brood-stock harvested from East Asia to Africa and testing them in quarantine, we have now developed 150 core families.


    Improve the GROWTH RATE of P monodon through selective breeding
  • Moana's commercial mission

    Providing the Black Tiger aquaculture industry the solutions needed for the existing problems of:
    • Traceable, continuous & sustainable supply of genetic raw material (PPL/ Breeders)
    • SPF Certified stock
    • Improved traits (Growth, etc.)
    • Certified Origin (domestic Stock)
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